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A Guide to Skip Sizes

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    Posted on 16th October 2017 by Hintons

    Whatever job it is you’re about to start, you need to make sure you have the right size skip to accommodate for all the waste. There’s no point in having a 16 cubic yard skip sitting at the front of your house for 4 weeks for a small household job, like a minor bathroom refurbishment, that will only fill a mini skip and take 2 weeks to complete

    That’s why Hinton’s Waste have created this easy guide to skip sizes, so you know where to look next time you’ve got a project to do but aren’t sure on what size skip would be sufficient for the job.

    Here’s a list of all the different skip sizes we cater for. They measure in cubic yards, which relates to the volume of waste they hold.

    Mini Skip

    The mini skip equates to a 4 cubic yard skip and is ideal for small amounts of light domestic waste such as household or garden rubbish, and holds the equivalent to 22 black bins.

    6 cubic yard skip

    A medium sized skip that holds between 50-60 bin bags on average. Often referred to as the ‘midi skip’, they’re commonly used for bulky, heavy items such as construction waste and rubble.

    8 cubic yard skip

    Commonly referred to as a ‘builders skip’, the 8 cubic yard skip is the most popular size, great for those small scale construction jobs, holding the equivalent to 60-80 bin bags.

    10 cubic yard skip

    Perfect for small building sites, house clearances and large domestic jobs such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, they hold the equivalent to 80-100 bin bags.

    12 cubic yard skip

    These are the ideal size for major house or renovation projects, as well as any general bulky or heavy waste disposal. Holds the equivalent to 100-120 bin bags.

    14 cubic yard skip

    For any building, refurb or demolition projects the 14 cubic yard skip is the one you’ll need, holding between 120 and 140 bin bags, it’s one our largest skips.

    16 cubic yard skip

    Our largest container available, used for the disposal of heavy construction waste, factory waste and site clearances, holding between 140-160 bin bags.

    So, no matter what your requirements, whether it’s a small re-décor job, garden job, large renovation, or for commercial or domestic use, Hinton’s Waste can cater for your needs.

    To find out more information about our skip hire services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either online or by calling the team today and one of our team members will be on hand to give you some friendly, honest advice. 


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