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Why Is Professional Site Clearance Important?

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    Posted on 21st September 2017 by Hintons

    Site clearance is an integral part of any construction or demolition project. Whether you’re preparing a worksite for future development or need to remove accumulated waste after the fact, you should ensure that the area is free from any hazards, obstacles or unsightly mess. One way to do this is by using a site clearance service, but couldn’t you just clear everything away yourself? Why is professional site clearance important? That’s what we’re looking at in this article.

    The right equipment

    You cannot guarantee the safe and efficient removal of the various materials on your site without the proper equipment and machinery.

    Specific processes are required for everything being cleared, from trees and brickwork to metal, debris, and more. Professional site clearance ensures only the best, most suitable equipment is used to clear every section of your site. You can also be sure that all heavy machinery, vehicles and tools are operated by fully trained personnel.


    The landfill used to be the first port of call for all kinds of waste taken from construction sites. Fortunately, the UK is wising up to the negative environmental impact of landfills, and most waste carriers aim to recycle 90-100% of collected waste. This includes materials removed during site clearance.

    Choosing a company that holds a valid waste carriers licence is essential. This ensures that any waste taken from your site is disposed of in the most responsible manner – conforming to all legal requirements. Professional site clearance is efficient, minimising the reliance on landfills while implementing safe working practices that have been developed over years of industry experience.

    Whether it’s a small domestic site or an expansive demolition zone, it’s this structure and procedure that provides you with that all-important peace of mind.

    Saving time

    Preparing your site is a necessary step; for the inexperienced and untrained, it’s easy to get hung up on the details. You might not know exactly what needs to be cleared or to what extent. Opting to take responsibility yourself could lead to delays on a project as you get to grips with the multiple steps needed to prepare the area correctly. You might also overlook something that comes back to haunt you later on during construction – further delaying the project itself.

    A site clearance service uses a strict procedure to ensure every inch of your site is comprehensively cleared before any work is done. A site survey identifies all the waste and materials to be removed, allowing the company to bring in all the relevant machinery, prepare all necessary paperwork, and make arrangements for transportation and disposal. It also ensures that nasty surprises won’t rear their heads in the future.

    The whole process becomes more streamlined, more predictable and more reliable once you enlist a reputable company – allowing you to focus on other aspects of the project in the meantime.

    Right side of the law

    Fly tipping is an all-too familiar problem – and one that costs homeowners and businesses thousands of pounds a year in fines. Too often, fly tipping occurs when a person hires a company they believe to be reputable to take care of waste generated during a site clearance. The waste will be transported away from the home or business, then dumped on the roadside instead of being taken to a local recycling/waste processing centre. Those materials are then discovered and can sometimes be traced back to the original owner – who is subsequently fined.

    It’s easy to avoid this by ensuring that you use a company that holds a valid waste carriers licence – and can show you the licence on demand. That way, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all the materials cleared from your worksite are handled in a responsible, safe and legal manner.

    Hazardous waste

    A site clearance may involve the classification and removal of hazardous waste. This can range from stored fuels in drums, to asbestos, contaminated soil, paints, and more. Professional muck away and site clearance services, carried out by authorised companies, will handle hazardous waste for you. The waste will be removed, transported and disposed of with complete adherence to legal requirements.

    If there is hazardous waste on the location you plan to develop, then it’s vitally important to choose a professional site clearance service. Only by doing this can you be confident that, once cleared, your site is safe and prepared for construction.

    At Hintons Waste, we provide efficient waste management works such as grab hire and muck away services in London and Croydon. As authorised waste licence carriers, we can ensure all the waste we remove from any commercial or domestic site is disposed of safely without resorting to the landfill whenever possible. If you have building waste that needs to be removed from your site, get in touch with us todaywe are always happy to help.


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