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How Can You Maximise the Use of Your Skips?

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    Posted on 21st October 2017 by Hintons

    Skip hire is a convenient waste disposal solution for anyone looking to rid their home of bulk amounts of waste, Whether you’re shedding construction waste or performing a full house clearance, maximising the use of a skip is a vital skill to learn. In this article, we’re giving a few tips on how best to use your skip so that your waste is dealt with in the most efficient manner possible.


    Think before you load

    A common mistake people make is throwing any and all waste into their skip as soon as it shows up. It might be satisfying to throw out everything you can get your hands on, but take some time to think about what’s going into the skip and the best way to approach disposal. The overriding tip that you should always keep in mind is: think before you load. But what exactly should you be thinking about?

    Larger and lighter items on the bottom

    It probably seems natural to fill the bottom of the skip with heavier items first, but is a much more wasteful approach. What you should do is focus on throwing out larger, lighter items first, so they can be compounded later on by heavier objects. You’ll find that, as you fill your skip, the heavier items will free up more space as you go, pressing the lighter waste further to the base of the skip, which means less wasted space throughout.

    Dismantle your waste

    Any larger items that can be broken up, dismantled and flattened should be done so before being thrown out. Making items more compact means they take up less room from the get go, leaving fewer pockets of space in your skip, and allows them to fit more conveniently with all your other waste. This goes for things like boxes, wardrobes and fixtures and fittings, so remember to think before you load.

    Know what not to put in your skip

    If you want to maximise your skip hire, then the biggest mistake you can make is to fill it with hazardous waste or other items that are not allowed to be disposed of in a standard skip. You should check what can and cannot be loaded into a skip before you hire one, and then survey your property to make sure you don’t accidentally load these items. You skip hire company will be happy to advise on what is and is not allowed in a skip, bit here are some examples:

    • WEEE recycling waste – computers, monitors, televisions etc.
    • Asbestos
    • Batteries
    • Fluorescent lights
    • Medical waste
    • Fuels – such as oils and gas cylinders
    • Paints
    • Solvents
    • Tyres
    • Fridges freezers and washing machines

    Make sure you choose the right skip size

    There are many different skip sizes to choose from, suitable for a range of construction, demolition and general waste disposal projects. You might be tempted to save money by choosing a smaller skip size, but underestimating your size requirements leads to loading a skip multiple times, re-hiring for longer than expected, or hiring a larger skip in addition. That adds up.

    Before hiring, figure out exactly how much waste you need to dispose of and talk to your chosen skip hire company. They’ll have all the experience and knowledge needed to help you find the ideal size of skip for your needs, meaning you won’t be wasting money on a skip that’s either too large or too small.

    Hinton’s Waste are providers of skip hire and waste management services to commercial and domestic customers throughout London and Croydon. If youre in need of swift, reliable and convenient skip hire solutions, we are happy to help. We have a range of skip sizes to choose from and our expert team can offer professional advice when it comes to maximising the use of a skip. To find out more or to arrange a skip delivery, simply contact us today.


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