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What Is Telematics & Why Should Your Construction Project Use It?

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    Posted on 25th March 2017 by Hintons

    One of the greatest threats to profit in the construction industry is a lack of productivity. There many ways to promote and improve productivity on-site; one of the more modern methods involves telematics. But exactly what is telematics and how can it help your construction project? This month, we’ll answer that very question!

    What Is Telematics Technology?

    Telematics technology refers to forms of information technology that specialise in dealing with the long-distance transmission of information. In the construction industry, it has been utilised for tracking the health of vehicles, recording operational output and for theft prevention.

    For over a decade, telematics technology has been used widely in the construction industry to bring added value to projects large and small. The technology has resulted in improved vehicle health, security and productivity, as well as in influencing operator behaviour. The following sections describe how telematics brings about these benefits.

    Accurately Track Vehicles

    By fitting telematics technology in your vehicles, you can receive updates in real time as to the status and location of your vehicles. While improved productivity is a likely benefit of tracking, it can also be used to monitor machine health and to alert you of any faults as and when they occur.

    Comprehensive Operational Recording

    Through operational recordings, you can monitor daily and monthly operation output and operator behaviour. Through comprehensive reporting, you can discern areas of improvement and where your operations are working well. You can make improvements to fuel usage, for instance, by highlighting when a machine is idle – i.e. the machine is using fuel but not being used for work – and by plotting the most efficient travel routes.

    Telematics can also monitor your staff’s operating behaviour. For example, if any of your staff drive with the handbrake left on, or display any other poor driving behaviours, telematics will identify this and you can plan for further staff training.

    Theft Prevention

    Despite the overly large size of construction vehicles – and even the conspicuity of specialised vehicles – thieves still target these vehicles. In the unfortunate event of theft, the police can use the integrated GPS functions of your telematics system to track the vehicle and recover it.

    In some circumstances, you could even set up a perimeter around your worksite; if your vehicle is driven beyond this perimeter the telematics system will automatically turn the engine off and send you an alert. This also has the added bonus of potentially lowering insurance premiums.

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