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What Waste Management at Hintons Skips Involves

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    Posted on 28th March 2017 by Hintons

    With rising global temperatures driving a worldwide attempt to curb waste, waste management has played a key role in the UK for many years. But exactly what is waste management? Primarily, it is the responsible sorting and recycling of all waste collected from both domestic and commercial premises. It involves minimising how much waste is put into landfill in the UK and maximising how much we recycle.

    At Hinton’s Waste, our waste management services are unrivalled, and in this month’s article we’ll be showing you exactly what waste management involves here with us!


    The Recycling Centre

    At the heart of our waste management services is our recycling centre. Here, we sort through all the waste we collect. By categorising waste, we can ensure that it is all recycled or repurposed responsibly. As each piece of waste has its own properties and traits, be it wood or metal, it is essential that it is categorised appropriately so that it can be recycled. All in all, at Hinton’s Waste we aim to recycle or repurpose 90% of waste that goes through our recycling centre.

    Below you can find out how we handle each type of waste that comes through our doors.


    Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are highly recyclable. Both of these are redirected to dedicated recycling facilities to be used again in the creation of other new products.


    Regardless of the type of wood, we can still utilise waste wood for other purposes. Woods are often shredded and used as animal bedding or bio-fuel, for instance, or they are burned to provide heating or generate electricity.

    Paper and Card

    All paper and card sorted at our dedicated facilities is sent onto a paper mill where it is cleaned, pulped and used to make new paper products.

    Glass and Plate Glass

    The majority of glass we receive can be melted down and used to create new glass products. Any remaining glass is ground down for use in a variety of construction projects, including road surfacing.

    Plate glass, such as mirrors or shower screens, is forwarded onto specialist third-party sites where it can be repurposed into a cullet or as aggregates.


    Simultaneously, plastics are one of the most abundant and recyclable materials in the world. Generally, plastics are reduced to flakes, washed, melted and sent on to create new plastic products.

    Green and Garden Waste

    All garden and green waste we receive is sorted out from other waste and then composted. Likewise, any soil we receive is reused in landscaping projects.

    Rubble (Brick and Stone)

    Any and all rubble we receive is reduced to a reworkable and flexible state for use in a range of construction projects.

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