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Managing Your Household Waste Like a Boss!

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    Posted on 23rd November 2016 by Hintons

    While you may not be the boss at work (yet!) you’re certainly the boss of your home! Follow our quick tips to manage your household waste like the CEO you are.

    Here we present the ways to break free of the lazy, “Slacker Joe” employee mentality and unleash your inner executive for the most efficient and organised disposal of your household waste.

    “This waste all needs disposing of, I should just throw it all out together – it’s the easiest way!” – Slacker Joe

    Think of your household like a delicate ecosystem – if you start tossing your compost in with your general waste you’ll upset the balance of the entire environment, which could cause mould growth or attract pests.

    A real CEO wouldn’t want to risk the hygiene of his business and neither should you with your home. Think about the type of rubbish you’re accumulating and the different elements it contains. Plastics, paper, cardboards, glass and aluminium can all be recycled, so make sure you are setting this waste apart from the general rubbish; remember, helping the environment helps us all.

    “This has served its purpose, I should just throw it away now so I don’t have to deal with it anymore!” – Slacker Joe

    While your instinct may be to simply rid your home of used items as quickly as possible to keep your home neat and tidy, it is not the most environmentally friendly, or the most cost-effective way to deal with waste. Upcycling and refurbishing are becoming more and more popular, helping homeowners to decorate their homes in fun, unique ways while also getting the most bang for their buck and helping to maintain the environment.

    While Slacker Joe might prefer instant results but no real benefit, would the boss of the company agree? No, the CEO would rather hold on to his investment a bit longer and save costs later down the road!

    “This looks potentially dangerous, but I’ll just throw it away and let someone else deal with it!” – Slacker Joe

    Some of your household waste can be classified as hazardous, which means that it cannot be disposed of with your household waste. Hazardous waste is dangerous to the environment and local wildlife, so must be disposed of in obedience with the law. While it may be tempting to simply throw out your hazardous waste alongside your general rubbish to make your own life easier, we’d strongly discourage this Slacker Joe attitude.

    Take the time to separate any chemicals such as paints, sprays or oils, as well as electrical items from your general waste and have these items collected by a specialist hazardous waste collector who will dispose of the waste safely and correctly. Not only will this protect the environment, it will ensure that you don’t get penalised for disobeying the law.

    “This is a lot of rubbish, it will take me all day to clear up; I better just call in sick!” – Slacker Joe

    Maybe Slacker Joe wouldn’t have called in sick if he’d thought about a more efficient way to deal with his large quantities of waste, like the boss would have done. If you are dealing with large amounts of household waste, whether from a clear out or a refurbishment, hiring a skip is a simple, straightforward procedure for dealing with the waste in one go, saving yourself a lot of time and hassle!

    For quick and easy skip hire in Croydon, Kingston, Sutton and South East London, look no further than Hinton’s Waste. We are well experienced in the supply and removal of skips of all sizes to both domestic and commercial premises alike. Our service is efficient, friendly and affordable, removing the stress out of the process. Get in contact today to find out more; we’ll be happy to help.



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