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How To Dispose Of Plasterboard – Collection, Disposal and Recycling

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    Posted on 21st November 2016 by Hintons

    In these climate conscious times, most materials are reprocessed or recycled once they reach the end of their lifespan. Although this is applicable to most materials, there remain a few non-biodegradable waste which cannot be disposed of in landfill or recycled without implementing the appropriate process.

    Here, we will discuss the safest, most suitable way to dispose of plasterboard, and why it is difficult to put into landfill or recycle.

    Why is it difficult to recycle plasterboard or put it into landfill?

    Plasterboard contains a raw material called gypsum which, when disposed of with biodegradable wastes, can produce a highly toxic gas. High concentrations of this gas can pollute the air and have a major environmental impact.

    What are the rules and regulations involved?

    As one of the most versatile construction materials, it has been reported that approximately 3 million tonnes of plasterboard is used in UK construction each year. In an attempt to limit the negative effects of landfilling gypsum waste, guidelines have been set by the Environment Agency to ensure it is managed properly.

    Previously, the Environment Agency allowed construction waste which contained small amounts of gypsum to be sent to landfill; this was referred to as the 10% rule. However,  on April 1st 2009, this 10% guidance was removed as a way of preventing all waste which contains gypsum from being mixed with biodegradable waste at a landfill site.

    Although gypsum is generally considered non-hazardous, the highly toxic hydrogen sulphide gas which is produced when gypsum reacts with biodegradable materials means that it must be “deposited in a separate cell away from any biodegradable wastes.” As such, if you are looking to dispose of gypsum waste, you should do so separately from recycled or recovered waste.

    How should I dispose of my plasterboard waste?

    If you are undertaking a construction, refurbishment or demolition project which will involve the removal of plasterboard, grab hire and muck away services are the most effective ways of disposing of the waste. By using either one of these methods, the plasterboard waste can be safely collected from your site and transported separately from all other waste as requested by the Environmental Agency.

    Depending on the condition of the plasterboard waste, it will then be reused, recycled or disposed of in the most suitable manner, ensuring full compliance with the Environmental Agency’s regulations.

    Hinton’s Waste Are On Hand To Help

    If you are wondering how to dispose of plasterboard, don’t hesitate to give the experts at Hinton’s Waste a call. We offer first class grab hire services such as tipper hire and muck away throughout London, Croydon and the surrounding areas. Serving both domestic and commercial customers, we can tailor our skills and expertise to suit the exact requirements of each individual job, no matter the size or scale of the project.

    To find out more about any of our services or to arrange an appointment with us, please get in touch with our friendly team.



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