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How To Dispose Of Your Home Renovation Waste

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    Posted on 18th June 2020 by Hintons

    Lockdown is keeping the world at home, and many are taking the chance to do-over their beloved abodes. With plenty of time on our hands and nowhere else to go, why not make your home as pleasant as possible during the pandemic? 

    One likely question you may be facing  is ‘how do I dispose of my home renovation waste during COVID-19?’ – in this article, we’ll take you through how to do exactly that. 

    How to dispose of home renovation waste in lockdown

    Depending on the type of project you’re undertaking, you may need a home clearout before beginning – in which case, take a read of our home clearance guide

    Once your home renovation is on the way, waste will quickly start to pile up. Fly-tipping has been on the rise since lockdown began, spoiling our countryside and causing unfair expense for landowners. This illegal practice is never the right option for disposing of waste and with it comes with a hefty fine and a criminal record. Always choose a registered waste carrier to dispose of your waste to ensure it does not end up being fly-tipped by a company with illegal operations. 

    Actually, it’s easier than you may think to dispose of waste during lockdown. 

    Home renovation waste outside home


    Before you throw an old sofa away, think about whether someone else would benefit from it by either selling it on or donating it to a worthy cause. Obviously, a pile of rubble will not be getting any bidders, but usable items that still work may find use in someone else’s home – whether that’s in return for cash or a gesture of goodwill to a charity 

    Skip hire & recycling:

    First, you select a professional skip hire company, who will be happy to talk through the available skip sizes to choose an option that suits you. Then, the company will promptly deliver and collect the skip directly to and from your site, at times that suit your schedule. Just make sure you don’t overfill a skip, and instead choose a roomy skip that will accommodate all of the produced waste. You will also need to ensure that no forbidden items enter the skip. Companies such as Hinton’s Waste will endeavour to recycle as much of the waste collected as possible, making this an eco-friendly option. 


    In addition to skip hire and recycling, you can also get creative and assess if any of your waste can actually be put to good use – and it’s also a great way of reducing waste during a renovation. Also known as upcycling the internet is awash with inventive ways to use your waste, giving it a second purpose, whether that’s for something practical or decorative. For example, why not turn old tyres into flower beds or use old storage crates as a rustic coffee table? There really are no rules when it comes to this one. 

    What waste can be put in a skip?

    Perhaps your idea of a home renovation is to switch out your furniture? Or maybe you’re dreaming big and knocking through a wall or two? Whatever you have planned, home renovations produce a lot of waste of all different types, and it’s important to be clear on exactly what can and can’t enter a skip. 

    • Most waste produced from a renovation can be put in a skip, and this includes: rubble, concrete, bricks, garden waste, soft furnishings, wood, tiling, metal, ceramics, non-electric fixtures, plastics and fabrics.
    • However there are a few types of waste that cannot be accepted for safety reasons, and this includes: asbestos, chemicals, liquids, paints, electrical items, fridges, freezers, plasterboard, hazardous waste and fluorescent tubes. Check with your skip hire company of choice for a comprehensive list, and for advice on alternative disposal. 

    If you’re planning a home or garden renovation during lockdown, make sure your waste is in safe hands with Hinton’s Waste. We provide skips of varying sizes to customers across London, including Croydon and Sutton. With years of experience as licensed waste carriers, we can provide a time and cost-effective service – get in touch to find out more. 



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