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A Guide to Recycling in Croydon

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    Posted on 21st February 2019 by Hintons

    Recycling in Croydon: A Guide

    Understanding how to sort your waste can be a confusing task – with different receptacles for different kinds of rubbish, it’s easy to get muddled up.

    Take a look at our handy guide to see what to put in each bin (and what to avoid putting in there too!) – we’ve included some pictures to help.


    Food waste container

    Residents can recycle their food waste with this dedicated compostable collection. Just about any food waste can be put in this bin — just make sure to line it with a compostable waste liner.

    What happens to recycled food waste? – Compostable food waste is an ideal candidate for the production of fertilisers for agricultural use.

    How often is this collected? – Weekly (houses, estates and flats)


    Blue-lidded wheelie bin/recycling box

    Your blue-lidded bin is for paper and card. For larger cardboard boxes, make sure to flatten them to maximise space.

    How often is this collected? – For houses, collection is every other week. For flats and estates, collection is either every week or every other week (check your collection times here).


    Grey recycling bin

    Your grey recycling bin is the destination for mixed recyclables, including glass, plastic, tins and cartons — make sure to rinse containers and remove any lids.

    How often is this collected? For house collections, this bin is collected every other week (the week following your blue-lidded bin). For flats and estates, check your collection times here.


    The above information should help you stay on top of your everyday household recycling needs. However, if you have bulky waste — or large volumes of waste from a house clearance —  it’s best to enlist a professional recycling and waste management company.

    At Hintons Waste, we provide a comprehensive range of recycling and waste management services to customers in Croydon and the surrounding areas. At our dedicated recycling facility, we aim to recycle at least 90% of the waste we collect, and always ensure your waste is handled in the most responsible manner. To find out more, simply contact us today.



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