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Preparing For Your Skip

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    Preparing For Your Skip

    Getting rid of waste generated during and after a construction project can prove to be difficult, especially if there’s a considerable amount of it. Often, many trips will have to be taken to the tip in order to responsibly dispose of your rubbish – a solution which isn’t convenient for the vast majority of people. Instead, a skip would make an ideal alternative, as we’ll be able to deliver it at a time and day to suit you, and collect it once it’s been filled.

    However, it’s important that you’re well-prepared for your skip to arrive in order for the process to run as smoothly as possible, so here are some points to consider before ordering your skip.

    There must be room for the skip and for the lorry to manoeuvre

    Graphic of skip hire lorry manoeuvring into space

    Narrow roads

    If you live down a narrow road or lane, then you should notify the skip hire company before committing to having it delivered. It might be that a large skip lorry will be unable to get down your street to drop off your skip.

    Parked cars

    It’s important that you consider the parking situation around your property. If there are numerous cars that are usually parked on your street, try and have the skip delivered at a time where fewer cars are present, as parked cars could prevent a skip lorry from turning around, which in turn could hinder the placement of your skip.

    Dead ends

    If you live on a cul-de-sac or if your street has a dead end, then you must make your skip hire company aware, as this could prevent the skip lorry from turning around at the other end. By letting the skip hire company know, they can plan in advance and possibly deploy smaller vehicles or more experienced drivers.

    Check for hazards on your road

    Graphic showing hazards in road with skip hire lorry and cars parked

    You must check for low-hanging branches or power cables before ordering your skip. If you spot any, let the skip hire company know and provide some details before finalising your order. A standard skip lorry will need 3-4 metres of height clearance, so keep this in mind when identifying potential hazards overhead. Again, by letting the skip hire company know, they can adequately prepare for the situation, ensuring you’re provided with a skip in no time.

    Notify close neighbours of your skip hire plans

    Having a skip delivered can be quite disruptive, particularly to in and around your neighbourhood. With this in mind, you should take steps to let your neighbours know that a skip will be arriving imminently, regardless of whether it’s going on the street or your own driveway.

    You should also consider the time in which it’s going to be delivered. If it’s early in the morning or later in the evening, you should notify your neighbours of this so that they can make plans in advance. Keeping neighbours in the loop will help to maintain a positive relationship, as they may well appreciate that you’ve kept them updated throughout the process.

    Consider nearby manholes and sewers

    House driveway showing manhole cover

    Take care not to have a skip placed close to, or on top of, a manhole cover or a drain grate. Not only could this cause flooding (due to a backflow of rainwater), but you could also risk damaging pipes and drains if structurally unsound – mainly due to the immense weight of the skip, regardless of how big or small it is.

    If there’s a manhole cover or drain grate close to where you initially wanted your skip to be placed, then choose a different location, if possible. If this isn’t a viable option, then ring your skip hire company and notify them of the problem. They’ll be able to offer safe, expert advice regarding the situation.

    You might need a skip licence

    Depending on where you live or where you plan to have your skip placed, you may need a skip licence. One would typically be needed if your skip is going to be left on a road or public highway. You’ll also be provided with a side light to warn oncoming vehicles of its presence. Often, your skip hire company will be able to help you get one by offering help and advice on the subject, or they may acquire for you. You will need the permit right up until the skip’s collection date.

    Be sure about exactly what can and can’t be disposed of in a skip

    Bin bags representing hazardous waste

    Before fully committing to having a skip delivered, double-check with the skip hire company as to what can and cannot be disposed of in one of their skips. Generally, hazardous waste is prohibited, although, like here at Hinton’s Waste, they may offer a hazardous waste collection service.

    If you’re found to have put restricted items in your skip, then your skip will not be collected until the restricted items have been removed. Mitigate any problems by checking with the skip hire company first to ensure your skip hire experience goes as smoothly as possible.

    For more information about what can and cannot be disposed of in a skip, refer to our previous articles where a more in-depth explanation is given:

    Do you plan on disposing of hazardous waste?

    Hazardous waste cannot be disposed of in a skip. Instead, specialist services will be required to remove it. Here at Hinton’s Waste, we offer a variety of different services which cater for many different types of waste, including but not limited to:

    If you’re looking to hire a skip for your project, then look no further than Hinton’s Waste. We have an array of skips on offer in various sizes, all of which are able to cater for your every need, regardless of the size or scale of your project. To order your skip and take advantage of our same and next day delivery options, give a member of our team a call today – we operate throughout Croydon, Sutton, London and the surrounding areas.

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