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What Is Topsoil?

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    Posted on 20th April 2017 by Hintons

    Hintons Waste topsoil

    You may have heard the word ‘topsoil’ in passing from time to time, but you may not know what it actually is. Fortunately, it isn’t very complicated – it’s actually what it says on the tin: topsoil the very top layer of earth.

    Topsoil is the dark organic matter that rests on top of the earth and provides the soil with much of the fertility needed for plants to thrive. More commonly, it is often referred to as dirt or mud and is available in several different varieties.

    Topsoil Varieties

    The belief that all topsoil is the exact same and is suitable for use across the board for all requirements is a misplaced one. In actual fact, topsoil comes in a multitude of forms, each with their own properties, such as pH levels and compositions. Just some of the types of soil include:

    • As dug soil
    • Screened soil
    • Certified soil

      Read more about different types of topsoil here.

    As dug soil is not processed, it is supplied exactly as it appears in the ground. That means in all likelihood it will contain all rocks, roots and any other foreign objects. As a result, it is highly appropriate for filling holes or preparing sites, but not necessarily for encouraging plants to grow.

    Meanwhile, screened soil is processed to ensure there are no weeds, stones or anything else present that could undermine the quality of the soil and how fertile it is. As such, plants thrive in screened soil so it’s perfect for flower beds. It is also highly suited for rockeries and borders in your garden because of its sandy texture.

    But for top quality soil, you should instead opt for certified soil. This lab-tested soil is free of any metals, diseases or other harmful substances, so if you need the very best soil for your purposes, look no further.

    A Word of Advice

    It’s also worth noting that when purchasing new topsoil for your garden, you should ensure that it matches the pH level of your existing soil.

    Similarly, you should opt for a loamy topsoil – loamy soils have a low water-retention capacity (meaning your plants won’t drown at the root after it rains) while remaining easy to till.

    Nevertheless, topsoil is more often than not used for large scale landscaping requirements. It is an all-purpose soil mixture that isn’t necessarily packed with fertiliser and organic matter, unlike other ‘garden soils’, so bear this in mind when deciding on your aggregate.

    If you’re looking for topsoil or any other aggregates in London & Croydon, look no further than Hinton’s Grabs & Skip Hire. We are the premier provider of topsoil and other aggregates in the region. Our fully trained team have years of experience and are able to meet all your aggregate requirements – we also have a waste carrier licence, too. Simply contact our friendly team to find out more!


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