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What is the Difference Between a Midi and Mini Skip?

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    Posted on 11th October 2021 by Hintons

    It’s important to choose the right skip for your project. Choose one that’s too large and you’ll be overspending for what you need; choose one that’s too small and you could overfill it, landing you a hefty fine.

    So what is the perfect skip size for your project?

    Well, there are many different skip sizes to choose from, some with very similar sounding names. Mini skips and Midi skips may only be one consonant apart, but they each represent skips of different sizes and uses. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between the two.

    Midi skip vs mini skip


    What is a mini skip?

    A mini skip is our smallest skip at just 2 cubic yards. It can hold approximately 30 rubbish bags and is ideal for a garage clearout or for garden waste disposal. Due to being so small, mini skips can fit easily onto a driveway.

    Mini skip prices

    Skip hire prices might vary so it’s always worth requesting a quote before you commit. 

    What is a midi skip?

    Midi skips are the next size up at 3-4 cubic yards. They hold approximately 25-45 bags of rubbish and are most suitable for domestic work such as bathroom or kitchen renovations. Many of our customers also hire midi skips for garden waste, but you should note that you cannot dispose of soil, rubble or concrete into a midi skip.

    Midi skip prices

    Once again, we recommend requesting a quote to obtain the most accurate price.

    Which skip size is right for me?

    Whether you should choose a mini skip or midi skip will depend on your project. If you have a fixed amount that you plan to throw away and it fits into 30 rubbish bags or less, then you’re better off choosing a mini skip. 

    However, it’s not always clear how much waste you will have to throw away, and this is especially true if you are carrying out a domestic clearance or renovation project. In these cases, it’s better to stay safe and choose the larger skip so that you don’t risk overfilling a smaller one. Remember — overfilling a skip is dangerous for our handlers and you could be charged a fine if your waste exceeds the maximum fill line marked on the skip.


    Hinton’s Waste are a leading provider of skips and grab hire for domestic and commercial use. Offering skips of all sizes, Hinton’s is your number one choice for all your waste disposal needs. Whether you’re undergoing a small home renovation project or a large office clearout, we have the team and the services to help. 

    If you’re unsure which skip size you need, our team is happy to advise you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you. 


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