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What is a Skip Licence and Do I Need One?

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    Posted on 31st October 2014 by Hintons

    If you’re renovating part of your house, or if you’re in the trade and are undergoing a demolition or refurbishment project, then you’ll more than likely be in need of a skip! But depending on your property and where you intend on keeping the skip, depends on whether you need to acquire a skip licence or not.

    How do I know if I need a skip licence?

    If you do not have a driveway to keep your skip on, it’ll more than likely end up on the public road throughout the duration of your use. If this is the case, then you will definitely need a licence, also sometimes known as a skip permit. For a 2 week period, the licence is £36 and it is usually the skip hire companies responsibility to provide the licence, should you need one. If you have the skip for any longer then 2 weeks, this will need renewing. Please note an application must be submitted for a renewal and you should allow 2 working days for it to be processed and approved.

    Highways are other areas that require a permit, as highlighted in the Highways Act 1980. By law, anyone who places a skip on a highway and fails to hold a permit can be prosecuted, and a permit will only be given if there has been consideration in the following areas:

    • The dimensions

    • Care and disposal of its contents

    • The siting of the skip

    • The manner in which it is made visible (paint, lighting etc.)

    • Its removal at the end of the hire period.

    Skips on highways should NEVER contain explosives or flammable materials and the contents should be covered to prevent any spillage onto the highway.

    If the skip is staying entirely on private land i.e your driveway, then you do not need a permit.

    However, if you intend on keeping the skip in a public place, then you need to surround the area with safety precautions in order to ensure it is clearly visible.

    • Reflective markings

    • Safety lamps

    • Traffic cones

    What are the consequences?

    If the above safety measures are not implemented, you could potentially be fined anything up to £1,000. Similarly, if the Council demands your skip be removed or moved to another location, you must do so within 24 hours.

    For more information on the rules and regulations around skip licences, please contact your local council.

    Skip Restrictions Croydon

    As one of Hinton’s main coverage areas, there are certain known restricted areas within the county of Croydon.

    Restrictions on skips on the following roads in Croydon:

    • Clifton Road

    • George Street, Croydon

    • High Street, Croydon

    • Holmesdale Road

    • London Road

    • Park Road

    • Park Street, Croydon

    • Portland Road, South Norwood

    • Sangley Road

    • Selhurst Road

    • South Norwood Hill

    • Tennison Road

    • Whitehorse Lane

    Skips should also never be placed on a Red Route (A22, A23 & A232).

    For more information on skip hire, please do not hesitate to contact the team here at Hinton’s Waste.


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