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How Technology is Creating Waste-fired Power Plants From Homes

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    Posted on 18th July 2017 by Hintons

    The benefits of waste management are more visible than ever, yet managing household waste still proves to be a tough skill to master.

    It’s a challenge to organise a strict recycling routine; wouldn’t it be easier to find a simplified method of efficient household waste disposal? With the recent development of the Home Energy Recovery Unit (HERU), this may soon be a reality.

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    What is the HERU?

    The Home Energy Recovery Unit aims to be providing homeowners with a centralised destination for all household waste. The unit uses this waste to produce enough energy to heat a household, turning home-scale waste problems into an effective energy-saving solution.

    The unit uses a heat pipe system – developed by researchers from Brunel University in London – to efficiently heat the waste material inside. The heating process – known as pyrolysis – decomposes household waste and generates combustible fuels that can then be used for domestic heating appliances.

    Convenient Waste Disposal

    The HERU is designed to turn your home into a micro, self-contained power plant. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that could save a large amount of energy if proven to be achievable. The unit is unobtrusive; it uses a standard 13-amp plug and is roughly the same size as a wheelie bin or small fridge. This makes it easy to install in just about any home.

    The HERU can decompose a variety of materials, including food, paper, nappies and more in order to produce a clean fuel source for the home. The unit is designed to be plumbed directly into your hot water system, working like a boiler to provide hot water for the entire home while vastly reducing the carbon footprint generated by the occupants.

    Recycling Made Easy

    Separating your household waste and recycling it properly takes a lot of discipline and organisation. The HERU consolidates the recycling routine into a single, much more manageable solution. It, in effect, replaces your wheelie bin, leaving the HERU as the only destination for the materials generated in the home. This should cut down on the common occurrence of recyclable waste being thrown into the bin, instead of being sorted and disposed of in the correct receptacle.

    The solid, liquid and gas fuels generated by the HERU can be reused to great effect, with commercial application a possibility in the future.

    Any leftover gases generated inside the unit are cleaned thoroughly before being ventilated. HERU emissions are low, and the chamber can run at a steady 300 degrees to provide reliable, efficient performance when in use.

    Waste Into Energy

    Being able to turn your daily household waste into energy will be a huge leap forward when it comes to saving on energy bills and helping the environment. However, while the HERU looks to offer sustainability for the home, there are many waste materials it won’t be able to account for.

    Hazardous waste and building materials are just a couple of examples of waste which requires a professional waste management disposal service. Hinton’s Grab & Skip Hire hold a waste carrier license to ensure reliable transportation and disposal of your household waste to full legal requirements.

    We also provide muck away and skip hire services if you’re looking to dispose of waste materials during a renovation or house move.

    For professional waste management in London and Croydon, get in touch with Hinton’s today. We provide recycling and waste management services to domestic and commercial customers, working efficiently to transport and dispose of your waste in the the most environmentally friendly manner possible. For waste that cannot be processed in a recycling centre, we work to the strictest legal standards to dispose of it as safely as possible. For more information about our recycling services, or to find out more about the benefits of waste management, contact our friendly team.


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