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Skip Vs Tip – Which Is Better?

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    Posted on 26th January 2022 by Hintons

    Whether you’re clearing out your home or moving into a new office, you’re bound to have some waste you need to dispose of quickly. But is it easier to go to the tip or hire a skip? In this article, we settle the age-old question by looking at the pros and cons of each.

    Going To The Tip

    Woman emptying waste at tip


    • Suitable for small amounts of waste

    Tips are sometimes considered over skips because, unlike skips, tips don’t cost money to use. 

    If you have a lot of waste you will need to take multiple journeys to the skip, which is messy, costly and time consuming.

    If you only need to dispose of a few items, tips can be the more economical choice. However, most clearouts will yield more than a single car loads’ worth of waste, making using the tip more hassle than it’s worth.


    • Inconvenience

    Put simply, travelling to the tip is inconvenient. Filling your car is only a fun process if you’re adept at tetris, and sitting in traffic or long queues is no fun for any one. Plus a lot of the waste you’ll need to dispose of can be bulky and difficult to carry.

    Skips also have selective opening times, so you’re not always able to visit at a time suitable to you.

    • May damage your car

    Taking your waste to the tip will require you to place it in the car. Not only is this a laborious task but you also risk damaging the vehicle. Even if it doesn’t damage the car it may still make it dirty and require professional cleaning after the waste has been removed.

    Hiring A Skip

    Skip vs tip


    • Convenience

    Time is money, and there’s a clear winner when it comes to convenience. 

    You can’t get much more convenient than a skip. Hire from a reputable skip company and you’ll get the perfect-sized skip delivered to your door. Once you’ve filled the skip, just give us a call and we’ll be there to take it away.

    • Cost

    Skips are often far more economical than tips because you don’t need to pay for the petrol costs for multiple trips. Hinton’s Waste offers competitive prices for its skips — simply pay a one-off price to get a skip delivered to your premises and removed once you’re finished. It’s as simple as that.


    If you’re disposing of a considerable amount of waste, there’s only one suitable solution.

    Hinton’s Waste provides skips in a range of sizes to domestic and commercial customers in Croydon, Sutton and across London. Find your perfect skip using our skip size calculator and we’ll deliver it the very same day. 

    Contact our team to place your order or find out more.



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