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Skip Permits For Beginners

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    Posted on 3rd March 2021 by Hintons

    For those who have never dealt with skip permits and licenses before, this month we’ll run through the basics of skip permits for beginners.

    Hiring a skip is a simple and affordable way to get rid of your waste without having to drag it all to the nearest tip in your car. But what about skips placed in the road? If you can’t have a skip delivered onto your driveway or garden, you may need to put it on the road. This will likely mean you’ll need a skip permit from the local authority to allow for this legally.

    Skip permits

    What is a skip permit and when do I need one?

    Skip permits are usually needed when you have a skip placed on a public road. This is a permit from your local council to say that you are legally allowed to keep a skip on the road for a certain period. This system allows the council to take into account any additional impact a skip might have on local traffic due to the area of the road taken over by a skip.

    What is a parking suspension fee?

    When a skip is going to be placed on a road, if it’s also a controlled parking zone (CPZ) then the parking bay will be out of action for a period of time. This means that a parking suspension fee may also need to be paid – usually based on a daily rate.

    Who issues skip permits?

    Your local council will issue skip permits. They’re a legal necessity and you could find yourself being handed a fine if you fail to secure a permit for your skip. Your skip could also be removed without notice if you have not obtained a permit before it is delivered, taking up space on the road which hasn’t been granted.

    You can expect to need a few days to get a permit from the council so it’s crucial that you factor this into your plans. This time can vary depending on where you’re based, which we’ll delve into more in the next section.

    Skip permits in London

    London is broken into numerous boroughs, which means each area is run by a different council. In turn, this means that the rules regarding whether you need a permit, who has to apply for it and how much it costs will vary. There may also be some roads that you are fully prohibited from having a skip placed on.

    More often than not, it will be the skip hire company that will need to apply on your behalf. This is the case with Croydon Council and Sutton Council, while the City of London prohibits skips from being placed in the road.

    The average cost for a skip permit in London is roughly £70, with the window a skip is allowed to remain varying between 7-14 days on average.

    Skip hire with Hinton’s Waste

    For over 10 years, at Hinton’s Waste, we’ve been providing Croydon, Sutton and South London with efficient and reliable skip hire services. Whether you need domestic skip hire or commercial skip hire, we’ll be able to provide a skip size to suit you. You can also talk to us about skip permits and parking suspensions if you need to have a skip placed on the road in your area and we’ll be happy to provide guidance on the right course of action.

    You can learn more about the different aspects of skip hire with our dedicated guide for 2021 here, or, if you’re concerned with where you ought to have a skip placed for your property, take a look at our recent guide on the topic of skip placement.


    If you’d like to arrange for skip hire in Croydon, Sutton or anywhere in South London, look no further than Hinton’s Waste. Talk to us about what you need and where you intend to have the skip placed and we’ll be on hand to advise you and book your skip for a date that suits.


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