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Rubble Disposal Guide: All You Need to Know

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    Posted on 25th July 2022 by Hintons

    If you’ve ever started a DIY project, you’ll know just how quickly rubble can accumulate. That’s why you need a disposal method that is quick, easy and doesn’t break the bank.

    Luckily, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Discover the best way to dispose of your rubble in this month’s article. We take a look at the various options to help you make the perfect choice.

    Rubble disposal guide

    Things to consider

    Before you decide which option to take, you need to consider three key things:

    • Weight
    • Volume
    • Time

    Rubble can be deceptively heavy. In fact, one typical rubble bag usually weighs between 30-50kg and has a volume of 250kg per cubic yard. That amount can be difficult to lift and transport — especially if you have multiple bags to move. Instead, you should seek out a waste disposal method that doesn’t require much heavy lifting or transporting.

    Time is also an important factor. How much time do you want to spend disposing of your waste? If you have multiple bags of rubble and plan on driving to the nearest tip, you may end up having to do multiple trips. This can be an inconvenient and time consuming process — we recommend choosing a more speedy and convenient option.

    Should I dispose of it myself?

    We don’t recommend disposing of your excess rubble and bricks yourself, mainly because it is timely, costly and risks damaging your vehicle in the process. 

    We’ve already been over timeliness — travelling to the skip is inconvenient. Not only must you account for the time (and effort!) loading and unloading your vehicle, but you may also need to make multiple trips if you have a significant amount of waste. 

    And then there’s the costs. There are many costs involved with disposing of rubble at a tip that most people don’t know about. Because rubble is a type of DIY/construction waste, it is often charged for at tips. You’ll also be expected to pay the landfill tax, which, as of April 2020, is £94.15 per tonne. And of course, who could forget the price of fuel, which has risen steeply in recent months.

    Disposing of the waste yourself also runs the risk of damaging your vehicle. Big bags of rubble can scrape across your vehicle as you drive, leaving scratches or marks that could end up costing a fortune to fix. 

    Can I use a skip?

    Yes, not only can you use a skip, but we highly recommend you do. Skips are the most convenient and cost-effective method of disposing of rubble and bricks. 

    Order a general waste skip from Hinton’s for quick delivery. Once the skip has arrived, simply fill it with your bricks, rubble and any other waste. General or mixed waste skips can be used to dispose of any non-hazardous waste. And once the skip is full? Just call the skip hire company to come collect it. It’s as simple as that. 

    The benefits of choosing a skip with Hinton’s include:

    • There are a variety of sizes available, meaning the cost is proportional to the volume of waste you are disposing of
    • Removal and disposal is taken care of by the skip hire company
    • Your waste will be recycled at a dedicated recycling centre
    • You can hire a skip on a flexible contract
    • Your skip can be delivered the very same day 

    Is grab hire suitable?

    Grab hire rubble

    Grab hire is only suitable if you have a substantial volume of waste for disposal. We recommend contacting the waste management company to confirm suitability before requesting grab hire.

    Grab hire is an excellent option if you do have a substantial amount of rubble to dispose of. Because the waste management company removes your waste directly, grab hire is an exceptionally convenient disposal method.

    Can rubble and bricks be recycled?

    Rubble and bricks can be recycled — and there’s an easier way to do it than taking them to your local recycling centre. 

    Hire a skip from Hinton’s Waste and we’ll recycle your waste at our dedicated recycling facility. We recycle over 90% of the waste that we collect, making us a leader in waste procession and renewable energy in the London area. 

    Hinton’s Waste offers efficient skip hire and waste management services through Croydon, Sutton and across London. We make it easier than ever to dispose of your rubble and bricks. Choose your perfect skip size from our range of skips and we’ll deliver it with same-day or next-day delivery. When you’ve filled your skip, just give it a call and we’ll collect it again, before recycling the contents at our dedicated recycling facility.

    Contact us today to place your order.


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