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How do I Recycle Electronics and Gadgets?

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    Posted on 23rd February 2015 by Hintons

    New technology is wonderful and the current trends push to get the latest and greatest as quickly as possible. This is great until you consider the effects on the environment that all of the gently used technology you’re replacing will have if it’s just tossed in the garbage. But, you argue, no one wants that 2 year old phone when a new one can be had for nothing with the signing of a contract, right? Well, not necessarily. Below are some things to consider when disposing of your ageing technology.

    First, prepare your device for disposal…

    Make sure you have your data backed up. With all the cloud storage solutions this might be something you’re not worried about, but it’s a good thing to make doubly sure that whatever backup service you’re using is collecting all of your information. When a device is a corporate asset, the backup should be taken and then the device wiped clean of all data. This is a good idea even for personal devices as identity theft is a very real threat. Some companies go as far as destroying the hard drives on devices that they are disposing of, but there are many great ‘wipe clean’ software and utilities as well.

      –  Sell

    The adage is an old one, but just because you are done with your still functioning device, it doesn’t mean that someone else might not want it. Use eBay or other local sales sites to find a private buyer – you were going to throw it away anyway, right? Why not get a few pounds and save the environment at the same time?

      –  Return to the manufacturer

    Another option is to consider manufacturer’s buyback and recycle programs. Some phone companies will also give discounts on new phones if you turn in your old phone, such as the following companies:

    –  Apple Reuse and Recycling Programme
    –  O2 Recycle
    –  Samsung Take Back Recycling

    All offer programs that will send you cash for your old technology, if they deem it worth anything.

      –  Donate

    Donating your old technology is also a great option and there are tons of charitable programs that will take your old devices and put them to good use for those less fortunate, including Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and Parkinson’s UK.

      –  Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling

    When devices are kept too long to be useful any more, they are destined to be thrown out, but make sure you don’t toss it in the rubbish bin! There are WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) recycling programs that will dispose of your technology properly, recycling the base materials instead of the entire device. This ensures that harmful materials like mercury and lead don’t make their way into landfills and are instead disposed of properly.

    The rate at which technology is advancing is frightening. It isn’t that people are buying more devices, it’s that people are buying the latest devices to replace ageing counterparts more frequently. This can create a rise in the amount of technology finding its way into landfills and their harmful components poisoning the environment. The myriad of programs sprouting up to help deal with these problems have been founded based on necessity and are naturally easy to use. It is easier to just toss your old technology, but for slightly more effort, recycling has a much greater reward.

    For more information about our efficient WEEE recycling programme and what items we accept, please contact the team at Hinton’s Waste today. 


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