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How to Get Rid of Soil

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    Posted on 20th July 2021 by Hintons

    Summer is the perfect time to start a new garden renovation project. Organising your garden will give you a beautiful space to enjoy under the sun, but it can also leave you with a lot of garden waste. Among this will be  soil, a bulky, granular, messy material that may seem like a pain to get rid of. The truth is that there are actually many options when it comes to domestic soil disposal. In this month’s article, find the perfect method for you, so that you can enjoy a beautiful, clear garden.

    How to get rid of soil

    Skip hire for soil removal

    Skip hire is the most convenient way to dispose of soil. It is a common misconception that soil is prohibited from skips. Most skip hire companies allow you to dispose of garden waste, including soil, provided that it isn’t contaminated. If the soil has been infiltrated by toxic chemicals, it may be deemed unsafe to place in the skip. 

    But in most cases, soil is perfectly fine to place in your skip. Simply hire a skip of a suitable size and fill it with soil and other garden waste up to the maximum fill line. Once you’ve completed your project and your waste is in the skip, just give us a call and we’ll remove the skip for you. 

    It’s as simple as that. We collect and dispose of your skip safely, adhering to all rules and regulations. 

    Reuse in other projects

    Reuse soil for new garden project

    Soil doesn’t have to go to waste. In fact, soil is a great material to reuse in other projects. Perhaps you are filling a new garden bed or growing your own vegetables? Ask yourself whether the soil can be reused in any way before you set your sights on disposing it.

    Even if you won’t need the soil for other projects, perhaps your neighbours might? Consider asking your neighbours whether they could make use of any excess soil before you throw it away. 

    Can you take soil to the tip?

    Some household waste recycling centres across the country will accept soil, but many now have charges and volume restrictions on soil and similar DIY waste. In addition, transporting your soil to a tip is no easy task. Hiring a skip is a more convenient and often more cost effective way of disposing of your soil. We’ll remove the filled skip from your property and ensure it is disposed of in a safe and suitable way.


    Skip hire from Hinton’s Waste is the safest and most convenient way to get rid of your excess soil. Use our skip size calculator to determine the perfect skip size for your needs. We offer everything from 6-yard mini skips to 16-yard large skips. Whether you’re tackling a small garden DIY task or undertaking a commercial landscaping project, we have suitable skips for you. Enjoy flexible hire periods, competitive prices and same-day delivery — only with Hinton’s Waste.

    Contact our team to hire a skip today, tomorrow or whenever you need it.


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