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How to Dispose of Old Fence Panels

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    Posted on 28th March 2022 by Hintons

    How to dispose of old fence panels

    Now that spring is upon us, many of us will be spending more time in our garden. And after a long period of inclement weather and a run-in with storms Dudley and Eunice, there will likely be more than a few things that need tending to.

    One of the best ways to revitalise your garden is to replace old, broken fence panels with fresh new ones. But that begs the question: how do I get rid of the old ones? 

    There are various options for getting rid of your old fence panels. If you only have a few, you might be best off adding them to your wheelie bin, but if you have a large volume of wood, your best course of action would be to hire a skip. Simply put, hiring a skip is the most convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of a large volume of treated and untreated fence panels.

    Don’t believe us? Well read on to find out why.

    Why use skips?

    Hiring a skip is the perfect solution for disposing old fence panels

    Skips offer the perfect balance of convenience and cost. While going to the tip may seem cheaper on the face of it, you also need to factor in the fuel costs for multiple trips, not to mention the laborious tasks of carrying, loading and transporting all that wood.

    The great thing about skip hire is that the skip is brought to you when you’re ready and removed from you when you’re done. Simply order the skip for hire and everything will be arranged on your behalf. You can choose a skip size perfect for your needs and fill it with untreated wood, treated wood and any other waste you wish to get rid of. When you’re all set, simply give the skip hire company a call and they’ll remove the skip from your property and recycle as much of your waste as they can. You’ll be helping your garden, your bank balance and the planet.

    What about wheelie bins?

    Many people choose to dispose of the wood in their garden waste wheelie bin. After all — it’s waste from the garden, right? 

    Disposing of your fence panels in your garden waste bin is not always a viable option. For one, you’ll most likely have far too many panels to fit in the wheelie bin. This would mean you’d have to fill the bin multiple times and leave the old wooden panels on your property in the meantime.

    Even if you don’t have too many panels, most local councils will only collect untreated waste from your wheelie bin. Wood that has been treated with varnish or preservatives simply won’t be collected.

    What about taking them to the tip?

    As previously mentioned, taking your fence panels to the tip is a laborious process that can end up costing a lot in fuel. You may need to take multiple trips, and the old fence panels may even cause damage to your car. In terms of convenience, taking your wooden fence panels to the tip is the least practical option.

    Can I burn old fence panels?

    We strongly advise against burning wooden fence panels

    We strongly advise against burning wooden fence panels. This is because treated wood releases toxic fumes when it is burnt. These fumes can be dangerous to you or your neighbours — and you could get into a lot of trouble for doing so.


    So it’s settled — hiring a skip is the best way to dispose of your old wooden fence panels. Luckily, you can find skips in a range of skip sizes at Hinton’s. We offer a range of skip hire services, quick turnarounds and will recycle your waste at our dedicated recycling facility.

    Get rid of your old fence panels today. Book your skip from Hinton’s.



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