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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Skip?

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    Posted on 30th November 2020 by Hintons

    The cost of skip hire is a common question for people undertaking a domestic or commercial project. It’s understandable, of course, since every penny counts when you’re trying to stay on budget for what you’re doing. It’s an important part of your research when trying to find a reliable and reputable skip hire company.

    This month, to help with this common query, at Hinton’s Waste we’ll discuss with you all the factors which can influence the cost of a skip, the impact of sizes and any other elements of your skip hire which could impact the price.

    Hinton's Waste skip delivery

    Factors which impact skip hire cost

    At first glance, it might seem like there ought to be a flat price for a skip, and while every company will have a pricing structure, there is a lot to consider when calculating how much a skip will cost.

    1. Types of materials – If you’re getting rid of normal, accepted waste with a company, the price should be easy for them to calculate. However, if you’re getting rid of hazardous waste or need special collection services for specific items you want to dispose of, the price will likely increase due to the additional service required to safely and responsibly collect and dispose of the waste.
    2. Distance – Some skip hire companies might cover wide areas, but the further they have to go in order to deliver a skip and then collect it again, the more it costs in terms of time and fuel. This means you’re more likely to pay extra for your skip if you live a long way away, as opposed to using a local operator.
    3. Time – The length of time you need to keep the skip for could also impact the cost of skip hire with some companies. It’s likely you’ll get a reasonable window in which to use your skip, so it’s not often an issue, but if you need your skip for months instead of weeks then you can probably expect a charge as it means the skip company will be reduced in capacity.

    There is one other aspect of skip hire which plays an important part in how much you’ll pay: size. So let’s look at this factor in more depth.

    Skip hire sizes

    Graphic of a green 12 yard skip

    Choosing the right size skip for the right job is the best way of ensuring you only pay what you need. If you hire a skip which is too small, you’ll have to order another, but if you order one which is too big then you’ll be paying for more capacity than you needed to.

    At Hinton Skips, we provide skip hire in Croydon and the surrounding region with the following skip sizes:

    • 6-yard skip
    • 8-yard skip
    • 10-yard skip
    • 12-yard skip
    • 14-yard skip
    • 16-yard skip
    • 20-yard roll on roll off skip
    • 40-yard roll on roll off skip

    The larger the skip you hire, the more you’ll pay. But keep in mind that you can only load so much into a smaller skip and you could face additional fees if you fill a skip over the line or over its weight limit. For this reason, it’s always better to choose the right skip size rather than try to go too small.

    Other factors to consider

    There are a couple of other important things to note about skip prices. The first is that having a skip placed on a road usually means you’ll need a skip permit. This can usually be arranged by your skip hire company, but will no doubt come at an additional cost. If you can have the skip placed in your garden or on your driveway then you could save money with some companies.

    Unlimited-time skips are sometimes a way to combat the need to have a skip for longer than usual as you don’t get charged by the day, but you might find it’s generally a higher price for an unlimited-time skip, so think about how long you really need it for.

    For affordable skip hire in Croydon or any of the surrounding regions, look no further than Hinton’s Waste. We provide an efficient and reliable service with a range of skip sizes to suit any requirement or budget. Get in touch with our team today to discuss specific prices and we’ll be happy to help.


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