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Hiring a Skip in Lockdown: The Benefits

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    Posted on 22nd May 2020 by Hintons

    With all that’s going on in the world, you might be wondering whether skip hire is still worth talking about. The answer is yes, for many reasons. The lockdown brings with it a number of challenges for those living in the Croydon and Sutton regions, namely, how to get rid of waste.

    Whether it’s waste from a DIY project, gardening work or you’ve been having a general clearout, it all has to go somewhere. The easing of lockdown restrictions gives hope, but also brings into play more logistical issues and makes social distancing harder. So why not pick a skip instead? 

    Empty skip on driveway during lockdown

    More Time On Your Hands?

    The government has extended the furlough scheme and it looks unlikely that full working operations will return to normal for anyone in the next month or so. This means more people have time on their hands to tackle those home projects they’ve been putting off.

    A household clearance skip is a great way to declutter the home, garden, garage, shed or attic as it means you can stay busy and create space in your home once again.

    If you’ve been meaning to get to grips with your garden or give rooms in your home a makeover, now is a great time to do it. The days are longer and the weather conditions are more suitable. All you need is a skip to help you get rid of the waste and debris created, and a small six or eight-yard skip can easily be placed on or outside your property to help with that.

    Making the most of this time means that when life does get back to normal, you won’t be feeling guilty about all the jobs you have around the house. 

    Issues At Local Tips

    Local tips in the Croydon area reopened mid-May and while it seemed like a sign that things were shifting back towards normality, it also brought with it a bigger problem. While local authorities have been asking people not to rush to their local tip site, it’s hard for people – especially those who have been waiting to get rid of their waste – to resist getting this chore out of the way and making use of the facilities. The result has been long queues to get into such places.

    Everyone convening at the same spot, even with the best intentions, is going to make social distancing hard. But with skip hire, you can ensure a contactless method of getting rid of your waste and avoid making multiple trips to a local authority site already under pressure to manage expectations.

    Hygiene, Health & Safety

    If you’ve already been hard at work revamping your bathroom, sorting through your garage or taming your jungle of a garden, you will have amassed some waste. While this is a good achievement, it could soon become a hazard, and health is obviously something we’re all hyperaware of right now.

    Not only does waste start to attract pests, but it could also be a safety hazard if your property doesn’t have a lot of space. You don’t want to injure yourself or someone else with bags or rubbish or toppling towers of brick and rubble. Plus, let’s face it, no one wants to be surrounded by rubbish. Once the job is done, you want that sense of completion – which is made easier through skip hire. You simply book the skip, fill it and have it taken away – no fuss or risk to your health.

    Hinton’s Dedication To Waste Management

    Hintons Waste Skips

    Whether you’ve needed us or not, here at Hinton’s Waste, we’ve been serving the Croydon and Sutton region throughout lockdown to help avoid a build-up of waste in the region. Obviously, the decision to continue was deliberated and we put into place social distancing and hygiene practices straight away – helping to keep our staff and customers safe in those instances where waste management and skip hire was needed as a matter of critical urgency.

    Now that the lockdown restrictions are being eased, we’re better placed than anyone else to handle your waste. Our safeguards are still in place while we continue to work to bring you the best service. Our call handlers, drivers and staff at our facilities all adhere to strict guidelines on social distancing, hygiene routines and the use of protective equipment to put you at ease.

    There is little to no contact involved in skip hire and it helps hugely with social distancing if you avoid local authority sites. To book a skip for household clearance or any other domestic project you’ve got in mind, simply contact us today – we can even offer a swift, same-day delivery if you order in time.


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