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Your Guide To Tipper Hire – Part 1: Who Requires It

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    Posted on 31st May 2016 by Hintons

    From minor DIY landscaping tasks to larger construction projects, tipper truck hire offers the ideal solution for transporting materials and waste, and tipping them directly into the required destination without human help.

    As such, tipper trucks have been a popular choice for a range of different sectors that transport heavy materials from one location to another in their line of work. Below, we will discuss which sectors use tipper truck hire and why they require this specialist piece of machinery.


    As an industry which hauls heavy materials from different sites on a regular basis, those working in construction are some of the most prominent users of tipper truck hire. The way tipper trucks are designed and operate makes them perfectly suited for projects where building materials – such as soil, gravel, hardcore and aggregates – need to be cleared away from the site.

    Firstly, the inert material is securely loaded into a large container attached to the truck and safely transported to its destination. Once here, the truck uses an hydraulic arm to lift and tip the container and unload the material stored inside.

    Waste and Recycling

    Projects which generate a large volume of waste usually require the assistance of a tipper truck to hold the heavy loads. Depending on the type of waste which is collected, the tipper truck can then transport and tip the waste into landfill sites or recycling centres so it is disposed of correctly.


    The impact of the economic crisis inspired many people to become self-employed and start their own businesses in a bid to have some financial stability. As such, those involved in labour-intensive industries – such as scrap metal recovery and agriculture – often choose to lease tipper trucks as it is a convenient, cost-effective way of handling excess materials.

    Landscape Gardening

    The large volume of garden waste and natural materials generated from landscape gardening projects means tipper trucks offer the ideal solution. Whether old soil needs to be cleared away or fresh soil needs to be delivered, this multipurpose vehicle allows landscapers to transport excavated soil between sites.

    The simple operation of tipper trucks means the project can be carried out with ease, with no stress over how the materials are going to be transported.

    Hinton’s Waste

    If you are searching for an efficient, cost-effective way of clearing away your inert material or transporting aggregates, look no further than Hinton’s Waste. We offer a 32 tonne/8 wheel tipper truck hire for a highly competitive price throughout South and West London, so all materials can be loaded on your site at your convenience. For further information or professional advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Hinton’s Waste – we are always happy to help!


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