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What is Green Waste Recycling & Why Does it Matter?

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    Posted on 1st February 2018 by Hintons

    There are numerous forms of waste and recycling methods that we need to be aware of in order to be as eco friendly as possible. You might already be on top of dry cardboard and plastic recycling, but it’s also important to keep up with your green waste recycling too.

    But what exactly is green waste recycling? And why is it so important? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this article.

    What is classed as green waste?

    The key to effective recycling is understanding what is classed under the different waste categories. Green waste can be thought of as organic waste or garden waste; any biodegradable materials that grow in your garden is classed as green waste. This includes things such as:

    • Grass clippings
    • Hedge trimmings
    • Branches
    • Plants
    • Flowers
    • Leaves

    What can you do with green waste?

    Sending biodegradable waste to the landfill equates to a huge missed opportunity. There are different ways to deal with green waste in a positive, environmentally friendly manner. These usually boil down to recycling and composting.

    Recycling green waste

    Local councils offer a green waste collection service throughout the UK. Your green wheelie bin is the destination for garden waste. Put all grass, leaves, twigs, branches etc. into this bin and leave it to be collected by your bin collection service. As long as you’ve filled the bin with green waste only, the materials will be taken and then recycled.

    You can also use a private green waste collection service provided by a reputable waste management company. Hinton’s Grabs and Skip Hire can collect green waste from your premises, processing and recycling it all at our dedicated recycling centre.

    Composting green waste

    Both homeowners and business owners can compost green waste generated on their premises. When composting, you can also add food waste from fruit and vegetables to the greater green waste category – however you cannot put this food waste in your green waste recycling bin. Composting is a highly sustainable disposal method, and becomes particularly effective in an allotment setting or when working with neighbours or partners to compost materials together.

    If you have no need for composting in your home or business, you can also rely on a waste management company to do this for you. They will collect your green waste and compost it at their own site. They can also collect and reuse some materials – such as soil, compost and rubble/aggregates – in construction and landscaping projects.

    Why is this so important?

    Avoiding the use of landfills is a primary goal for anyone striving for sustainability. Green waste left to decompose in a landfill produces higher quantities of methane, which is released into the atmosphere. When this waste is composted or recycled, this is avoided – making it much better for the environment.

    The other advantage is the more we recycle green waste, the less space we need for landfills. UK landfills are already near capacity, so anything we can do to avoid using them unnecessarily helps our environment. The eventual goal of zero waste and zero-to-landfill in the waste management industry can only be achieved by making sure all biodegradable materials are disposed of in the most responsible manner possible. And that begins with you.

    Hinton’s Waste are committed to providing reliable, safe and environmentally friendly waste collection services, including grab hire and skip hire for domestic and commercial clients. We also provide quality recycled aggregates in London and Croydon, offering a range of sizes, grades and types of aggregates at a low price. To find out more about all of our services, or to discuss our green waste recycling services, simply contact us today.


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