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Choosing the Right Skip for a DIY Project

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    Posted on 30th January 2019 by Hintons

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    When you’re planning a DIY renovation or clearout, you’ll have to face the fact that you’ll be generating a lot of waste. You might feel a bit put-off by this, but there’s no need to worry – all you have to do is hire a skip big enough to handle everything you’re throwing out. Some projects will make-do with small skips, while others will need something bigger, but to make sure you’re not left guessing, read on to find the best skip size for your DIY project.

    Small garden or house project
    If you’re making room in a small garden area or just removing some clutter from the loft, then you won’t need anything substantial; a 2 yard skip should be enough. But if your project is a little bigger — say you’re clearing out multiple rooms and a bigger garden — it’s much safer to choose something like a 6 yard skip instead.

    Kitchen or bathroom renovation
    Just clearing out one or two rooms might make you think the bare minimum will be necessary, but with all the fixtures and fittings in these rooms, you’ll need a bigger skip to make sure everything fits safely inside. Full renovations – stripping every single thing from the room – will leave you with a lot of waste material, so you should be looking to hire a 4 yard or 6 yard skip.

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    Large house clearance
    When decluttering a large house – getting rid of unneeded belongings from each room – it’s better to be safe than sorry. For many, a 6 yard skip will be enough, but if you have a large home filled with possessions you’ve been collecting for decades, you might be better off with an 8 yard skip instead. With clearances, it’s always best to go through each room and figure out exactly what you need to throw away. From there, you can estimate how many rubbish bags that equates to, which will help you choose between these skip sizes.

    Full loft conversion
    Converting a loft into a livable room or work area means getting rid of the majority of the room’s contents along with some construction waste. Don’t underestimate the scale of this job; a smaller skip will fill up quickly, so make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. An 8 yard skip will handle the demands of most loft conversions, but if you’re making sweeping structural changes throughout, you may be better off with a 10 yard skip.

    Talk to the experts
    The best skip size for your DIY project depends entirely on the scale of work you’re planning. If you think your project is a bit more complicated than the ones we’ve mentioned here, then it’s best to get in touch with us for professional advice – to make sure you don’t waste money on a skip that’s too small or far too big.

    At Hintons Waste, we offer a prompt skip hire service with sizes suitable for all kinds of domestic DIY projects throughout Croydon, Sutton and London. Our skip hire service comes with the option of same day and next day delivery, and our knowledgeable and friendly team is on hand to help you find the right sized skip for your project. Simply call us up today to discuss your requirements with us.


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