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How Can Recycling Help to Improve Your Business’ Brand Value

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    Posted on 15th August 2017 by Hintons

    Across the UK, businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of recycling. A sustainable approach to production, waste management and day-to-day operation throughout the business is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your company, but why not take it further?

    Recycling is an invaluable in-house tool, but embedding sustainability into the image of your business can be one of the wisest investments a company can make. In this article, we’re looking just why that is.


    Build trust with customers

    In today’s social marketplace, customers are more savvy than ever when it comes to the companies they support. Trust is an important commodity; one of the most effective ways of building and maintaining that trust is by demonstrating a wide understanding of – and commitment to – the social and environmental concerns of your customers.

    To be successful here, a business needs to adopt recycling and sustainability in everything it does. Make it clear to customers how your products, services and fundamental structure all serve the same green goal. Be transparent. A business is nothing without its customers, and brand value is closely intertwined with customer trust. Once you start building that trust through sustainable means, you open up a wide range of opportunities.

    A green approach

    Of course, simply telling everyone about recycling and sustainability isn’t enough, your company has to actively pursue these environmental practises. Clients and customers will quickly discover dishonesty, and that’s the quickest way to demolish any trust you might have built up.

    A robust, well-planned green approach throughout the company is ideal. Even on the smallest internal scale – introducing more recycling points, for example – helps to promote a genuine dedication to waste management. Once this is fully embraced within the company, it’s far easier to transition that into your brand’s image.

    Recycling and communication

    Including sustainability as part of the company’s identity allows the customer to benefit as a result. This naturally feeds back into the business as brand value increases.

    Becoming involved in recycling programs and helping customers to engage with recycling is a powerful technique. If you can position your company as a leader – or active player – in maintaining the local environment, and help customers to make better sustainable choices through your brand, the greater the level of trust your company will hold.

    This cannot be achieved without communication, both within the company and with customers. Your company needs to be clear on how recycling can be implemented at different levels. A shared focus on recycling, and making your business more sustainable, is necessary if you want to build your brand’s value in the long-term.

    In the future, this focus can help to make your brand grow and develop in new and exciting ways. Partnerships and innovations with like-minded parties can bring about even more effective recycling schemes, for instance. The more efficient your business becomes, the more you are able to save and invest in other areas.

    Sustainability isn’t just a term used when talking about the environment, it can also refer to the way you operate your business. The benefits of recycling, and how you approach them internally and externally, are becoming an essential part of sustaining your business as well as increasing its brand value.

    Hinton’s Waste are committed to an environmental approach when it comes to waste management. Whether its domestic, commercial or industrial waste, we ensure that at least 90% of all waste we collect is recycled. We also offer dedicated commercial recycling services to help you find the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your waste, including that generated through construction and demolition. To find out more about our recycling services in Croydon and Sutton, simply contact us today.


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