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The Battle For Waste Supremacy: Skip Hire vs Grab Hire

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    Posted on 30th April 2016 by Hintons

    From small DIY tasks to large scale clearouts, preparation is key when organising any type of construction or renovation project to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. No matter the size of the job, there can be a long list of things to remember which can affect how successful it is, including hiring the right people for the job and ordering the correct materials.

    Whilst it’s easy to focus on the task in hand, many overlook how they are going to deal with all of the waste generated after the project is finished. Here, we will compare and contrast skip hire and grab hire, so you can make an informed decision on which is the best waste disposal method for your project.

    Skip Hire vs Grab Hire

    Despite being two of the most popular waste disposal methods, there are a number of differences between grab hire and skip hire which can determine which type of application they are best suited to. Although the premise of both of these methods is the same, their design and the way they operate is completely different.

    Skip Hire

    The way in which skips are designed means they have the capacity to hold large quantities of waste, for a safer, cleaner environment and minimal disruption to your site. Not only that, keeping all of the waste neatly enclosed will ensure responsible, efficient waste management during your project.

    Skip hire also offers a convenient alternative to other waste disposal methods, as the skips can be delivered and collected by the hire company at a time and date which suits you.

    When it comes to hiring a skip, you should bear in mind that a parking permit must be arranged prior to the job to ensure it is legally kept on the roadside – it’s worth noting that some skip hire companies can arrange parking permits for you.

    Grab Hire

    As discussed in one of our previous articles, grab lorries are self-loading machines which use a hydraulic arm and bucket to clear away waste from otherwise inaccessible areas. This takes away the time-consuming task of loading a skip yourself, as all you need to do is put your waste in an easy-to-reach area using skip bags, and the grab lorry will take care of the rest!

    Whilst skips can hold a large amount of waste generated from smaller jobs, the design and varying sizes of grab lorries make them perfectly suited for large construction projects; grab lorries can dispose of large amounts of waste which would otherwise need several skips to fill.

    Despite having the capacity to contain large quantities of waste, grab lorries are small and agile enough to fit onto most sites. They can remove the waste when parked at the side of the road, without intruding onto your site or requiring a parking permit.

    Not only are grab lorries ideal for removing waste from a site, they also provide the perfect platform for the delivery and movement of building materials, such as loose or bagged aggregates.

    Hinton’s Waste

    Whether you require a skip to dispose of waste generated from your DIY job, or a grab lorry to remove waste from your large construction project, Hinton’s Waste can help. From soil and muck to green waste and aggregates, we can take away most types of waste from your site, whatever the scale of your project.

    Using our state-of-the-art machinery, we can help move large, awkward quantities of materials in the quickest, most convenient way possible. So, if you are searching for expert skip hire and grab hire services throughout London and Croydon, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our form or call us on 020 3124 1971 today.


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