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There’s an Art to Computer Recycling

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    Posted on 3rd April 2013 by Hintons

    Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

    Artist Finnabair, also known as Anna Dabrowska, uses great skill and imagination in her recycled art form to breathe new life and beauty into what would otherwise be discarded and unused man made materials. Finnabair specialises in industrial art; she up-cycles old, fragmented metal objects and other discarded pieces – this can be anything from a computer mother board to a dead moth.

    Finnabair creates her art by sticking pieces of left over computer parts to canvases as big as half a metre wide and almost a metre tall. Naturally a canvas this size requires many different parts, thankfully Finnabair also teaches a scrapbooking class and has a lot of her materials donated from her students – and in this age of mass technological consumption – unwanted parts are easy to come by if you have the right contacts. These collages of discarded and unwanted computer parts give them a new purpose; what was rubbish is now a work of art. In the blue and gold piece, dubbed ‘The Wanderer’, if examined closely you will see hard drives, USB plugs, memory chips, and many other recognisable computer parts. Finnabair finds beauty in the discarded to unite the industrial and natural world.


    In the words of the artist herself: “There are a lot of gears and mechanisms – the embodiment of the process, energy and feelings are delicate flowers… elements of nature in the midst of scrap metal,” says Finnabair. The embodiment of a natural element composed of technology highlights the ever decreasing natural world due to pollution and human expansion; bringing to the fore the entwinement of humanity’s destructive nature and environmental concerns. It is therefore important to consider the world around you when it comes to disposing of your old computer or electrical goods. You might not necessarily wish to turn it into art like Finnabair, but economically friendly WEEE recycling should be a priority for all.


    Disposing of your old computer safely is not an easy task and abandoned computers in landfills can be extremely harmful to the environment. Computers are made with a huge variety of components, some of which are toxic, and if disposed of carelessly these toxic substances can leak away over time to be absorbed by the environment. This is not only harmful to the earth, but can make its way into the human food and water supply causing harrowing effects, such as birth defects. Many waste disposal companies now offer computer recycling services, so calling in the experts is now easier than ever before. Your computer will be dismantled, with some parts being salvaged and given a new lease of life elsewhere, and the rest being disposed of by a licensed specialist.

    Recycling in South East London

    However, recycling your computer – even when left to professional waste disposal companies – is a difficult task and should only be carried out by highly trained staff. In recent years many companies have been found to dispose of computers unethically, such as shipping them to developing countries and selling them for parts without properly dismantling them; this simply displaces the environmental hazards elsewhere. It is more important than ever before to pick a company you can trust.


    Hinton’s Waste offer their waste disposal , skip hire and recycling services to the entire South East London area. They specialise in waste electrical and electronic equipment including televisions, telecoms systems, fax machines, and most importantly for you, computers. Hinton’s Waste is a truly customer focused comprehensive waste removal and computer recycling company. If you would like to know more about their waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling service you can get in touch with their expert team for more information.



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