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    Clearing out the garden

    A garden clearance can be very time consuming and physically demanding. From ripping up weeds to chopping down overhanging branches, there are a multitude of things to consider when clearing a garden. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house with a jungle for a garden, or you’re simply looking to give your existing garden a thorough declutter, Hinton’s will always be here to collect your garden waste.

    Here are a few things to consider when carrying out a garden clearance:

    Click on the green and yellow hotspots to find out what you can and can't put in a skip.

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    • Ceramics – ceramics can be put in a skip along with old tiles.
    • Soil – feel free to load up one of our skips with your unwanted excess soil after a landscaping project.
    • Bricks – along with rubble, bricks can be disposed of in one of our skips.
    • Slabs – garden slabs and hardcore material are permitted for skip disposal.
    • Foliage/plant matter – branches and other plant matter can be thrown into one of our skips.
    • Fertilisers – search for a local household hazardous waste facility to take leftover fertiliser to. Empty fertiliser containers must be taken there as well. Neither can be disposed of in one of our skips.
    • Pesticides – pesticides, together with any empty containers, must be taken to your local hazardous waste facility and not disposed of in one of our skips.
    • Electrical items – lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and garden strimmers, along with other electrical items should be taken to a WEEE waste recycling facility and disposed of responsibly.

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    Have a strategy

    There are several things to think about before you begin to tackle this mammoth task:

    • How bad is it exactly?
    • How long do you think it will take you given the size of the garden and the severity of foliage overgrowth?
    • How will you remove undesirable greenery?
    • Are you in a rush? If so, it might be worth calling in the professionals.
    • How do you picture your garden looking after the clearance?

    All of the above will help you to set out clear, defined and realistic goals when you come to clear your garden.

    Conduct the clearance gradually

    Start in stages, firstly start by clearing away any rubbish which isn’t plant or garden related, then move onto trimming hedges. Identify plants you want to keep and the weeds you want to get rid of. Remove all garden debris, including hedge trimmings, branches and leaves. If you have grass, which now looks more like a meadow, cut it back with a strimmer before using the lawn mower. Once the garden is clear, you can install flower beds or vegetable patches.

    Get the timing right

    Gardening in the winter can be incredibly difficult depending on what it is you’re wanting to do. If digging soil is a priority for you, then it might be easier during the colder months, when the soil is wet and damp. Although if you’re looking to plant some flowers and pull out some weeds, you’d be better off doing this in the summer. Just make sure you protect yourself against the sun.

    Be sure to maintain what you’ve done

    Once you’re on top of your garden, it’s important to retain its tidiness. Not only does it look great for summer social gatherings, it also provides both yourself and your neighbours with a pleasant view. As well as being beneficial for aesthetic reasons, it keeps your plants happy and healthy. Gardening has even been proven to reduce stress, so it’s great for the mind, too.

    For reliable waste management services across Croydon, Sutton and South London, Hinton’s Waste will have you covered. Regardless of the size of your project, we will have a waste disposal solution for you. From wheelie bins to 8 yard skips, no job is too big or too small for our dedicated team. To learn more about the services we offer, get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to help.

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